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Making Arrangements

Just as our pets are individual, so is our desire to memorialize them. We offer a collection of urns, in a variety of materials and shapes, that will fit the personality of your pet. For those desiring burial, we provide a selection of caskets in a price range to fit any budget.

With every cremation, we keep a lock of hair and retain a pawprint. We also offer impressions of the paw for an additional fee.

Unique ways of memorializing your pet are also available whether it be through a "Buddies" charm, a garden stone or other permanent memorial. Ask us about the options available.

Other permanent urns and memorials are available for purchase. A variety are available in our office, starting at $30.  We want what you choose to be perfect, so if you have any questions or you would like additional reputable websites, please give us a call.

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Impression of Paw

3 Dimensional Impression of Paw $15 Must be authorized prior to Cremation

Solidified Cremated Remains

Solidified Cremated Remains are becoming more popular because they replace the "ash-like" cremated remains with smooth, beautiful, hand-shaped "stones" that can be handled, placed in a garden and then moved to a different home if relocating, or set in an artistic manner in glass.  Following cremation, the cremated remains are sent to a company who will return the stones in approximately 6 weeks.  These stones are made up entirely of the pet's cremated remains and given the weight, will be about 8-30 stones when returned.  Cats $395 Dogs $495 Shipping is additional


Each unique to honor your bird, our team makes a dreamcatcher with only the feathers from your loyal companion. Prices range from $15-$30 depending on the size of the dreamcatcher chosen.

Heart Pod

Made from sustainable bamboo and rice husk + biodegradable in four years, this heart shaped urn is perfect for those who would like a green option and plan on earth burial of the cremated remains. (up to 50 lbs) $45

This urn is biodegradable and 100% soluble and is hand-crafted out of sand and bound by plant extracts. Perfect to be placed in the earth prior to planting a memorial tree or bush. Is large enough for a single pet, for a family urn with multiple pets (up to 200 lbs) $100

Diamond Etched Paw

This urn is fashioned from a steel alloy and has a light pewter finish.  The engraved paw shimmers on the front of the urn.  Small $70 (up to 50 lbs) 

Boho Chateau Paw

Chateau Cherry Paw in a high gloss finish. The engraved paw invites you to look at the unique cherry wood grain in this MDF urn. Each one is unique, engraveable. $45 (Holds up to 70#)

Cherry Photo

Beautiful engineered wood urn in a cherry finish that holds a 4x4 photo of your beloved fur baby (Up to 85#) $65

Pit Bull Bust

Beautiful bust of a Pit Bull Terrier made of resin and complete with a chain to affix your own dogtag to it $150 (up to 100 lbs)

Goldendoodle or Labradoodle Bust

Beautiful bust of a Goldendoodle or a Labradoodle made of resin and complete with a chain to affix your own dogtag to it $150 (up to 100 lbs)

Labrador Retriever Bust

Beautiful bust of a Labrador Retriever made of resin and complete with a chain to affix your own dogtag to it $150 (up to 100 lbs)

Impression cube

An elegant cube made of solid birch wood and stained a beautiful cherry color. $55 (up to 40 lbs) or a black stain $75 (up to 150 lbs) Is engravable and impression is free and mountable with this urn.

Rosewood Heart Keepsake

Beautiful rosewood, unique patterns in the wood, can be engraved. (Holds up to 6#) $40. Stand additional $10

Beveled Rosewood

Beautiful Rosewood Urn with Beveled edges, Small (up to 25 lbs.) $40-- Medium (up to 90 lbs.) $65

Biodegradable for earth or water

Pressed paper urn that is perfect for a water burial or to be buried in the earth.  $45 (up to 35 lbs)

Pawprints on Our Hearts

Stone Urn with Pawprints on Our Hearts $120 (Up to 50 lbs) Can be ordered in a larger size

Dog Angel- - Antique Gold or Silver

Brass Dog Angel in antique gold or silver finish $100 (Up to 33 lbs) Can be engraved with heart name tag $20.  May be ordered in copper colored finish.

Cat Angel --Antique Gold

Brass Cat Angel in silver finish $100 (Up to 30 lbs)May engrave a Heart Shaped Nameplate for additional $20. May be ordered in copper and antique gold finishes.

Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty is a artsy ceramic cat urn in white or black finishes $30 (up to 15 lbs)

Small Cat

Ceramic cat with an alert pose, with a high gloss finish in ivory. $55 (up to 20 lbs) May be ordered in larger sizes

Resting Cat

Ceramic cat with a peaceful, resting pose, with a high gloss finish in black. $75 (up to 30 lbs) May be ordered in ivory

Magenta Bright Paw

Shiny purple/pink Solid Brass Urn with adorable pawprints tracking horizontally. 
Medium (up to 100 lbs) $85; Small (up to 55 lbs) $65 Can be ordered in different sizes/colors, shipping applies.

Bright Paw--small

Brass urn in bright red finish with goldtone pawprints.  $65 (up to 55 lbs) Also available in house in blue and purple

Bright Paw Blue

Brass Urn, regal blue shiny finish with horizontally tracking Pawprints. 
Small $65 (Up to 55 lbs) Also available in other sizes, shipping applies.

Paws to Heaven

Brass urn with silvertone paws running vertically.  Finish is a slate grey; Small $65 (up to 55 lbs) Medium (up to 100 lbs) $85

Silhouette Dog

This beautiful brass urn is completed in a terracotta red matte finish with an inquisitively charming pup engraved on the front. (up to 32 lbs.) $85

Silhouette Cat

This beautiful brass urn is completed in a graphite grey matte finish with a very attentive kitty engraved on the front. (up to 32 lbs.) $85

Sports Keepsakes

Keepsakes made of your loyal companion's favorite pasttime---playing ball.  Made of resin and painted in life like detail, this urn does not disappoint
 $65 (up to 6 lbs)

Clowder of Cats

Ceramic Urn with white glaze that is large enough to be an urn with memorabilia or a family urn for multiple cats. $25 

Resin Heart

This resin heart is finished with a high gloss navy blue enamel that when it catches light has royal blue dimensions.  $85 (up to 80 lbs)

Swarovski Heart Keepsake

Brass Urn Keepsake with Polished Red Lacquer complete with Swarovski Crystal. $75 (Up to 2 lbs)

Rainbow Bridge

Love Urns captures the beauty of the Rainbow Bridge in this stunning urn. May be ordered in a smaller size. $180 (Up to 50 lbs) Available in larger size

Tear Drop

Hand applied pearlescent enamel on the tear create a prismatic effect. Silver paws surround the piece $125 (Up to 75 lbs)  May be ordered in pearl with grey paws and bronze with white paws.

Cuddles Urn

Brass Urn in Bronze Finish with Golden and Silvertone Pawprints $70 (Up to 40 lbs)

Engraved Latch Photo

Box of linden wood imported from Poland with golden latch and delicate engraving of hearts and pawprints. Small holds a 3x5 photo on the top of the box $40 (up to 20 lbs) and the Large holds a 4x6 photo on the top of the box $50 (up to 45 lbs). 

Regal Wooden Paw

Super unique wooden urn in shape of paw (Holds up to 40 pounds) Engraveable. $60

Bamboo Urn

Bamboo Urn (a natural, green product). Small $53 (Up to 35 lbs) Medium $65 (up to 65 lbs) Large $80 (Up to 110 lbs)

Brass Paw Urn

Beautiful hardwood urn in a walnut stain with brass paws and corners $80 (up to 100 lbs)

Dog House

Beautiful Rosewood Dog House that can be blank, use your pet's impression or a photo to make it unique.  $45 (up to 85 lbs)  Engravable

Golden Pawprints

Chest made from Linden wood imported from Poland with engraved pawprints outlined in a goldtone finish.  Large $50 (up to 45 lbs). Small $35 (up to 15 lbs) This is engravable.

Paw Chest

Chest made from Linden wood imported from Poland with a rounded hinged lid. Pawprints engraved on the sides.Medium (up to 40 lbs) $48

Pink Odyssey

A gorgeous glossy pink finish on our brass odyssey urn.  $50 (up to 30 lbs). Can be engraved for additional cost. 

Pawprint Odyssey Urn

Brass Urn in Pewter Finish with Pawprint; Small $70 (Up to 25 lbs) 

Pearl Odyssey

Brass urn in a pearl finish with pawprints $70 (Up to 30 lbs).  Can be ordered in red and moonlight blue and in different sizes.  Engravable

Moonlight Odyssey

Brass Urn with Blue Pearled Finish with Silver colored Paw Prints $90 (Up to 70 lbs) Available in other sizes and in pearl and red colors. Engravable

Mossy Oak Odyssey

Registered Mossy Oak brand Odyssey urn. Alloy urn with Mossy Oak camouflage finish, perfect for your hunting buddy $75 (up to 90 lbs)

The Ripken

Brass urn with a matte black finish with a silver colored rim and gloss black lid $50 (up to 50 lbs)  May be ordered in a larger size and is engravable

Tender Heart

Brass Heart urn perfect for your small companion or partial remains of companion (available in Raku, Pale Yellow, Baby Blue, Slate & Ruby- can be ordered in Night Sky & Sky Blue as well) $95 (Up to 20 lbs) Stand is an additional $20 Can be engraved

Ferret Box

Linden wood box with Ferret image engraved $40 (Up to 25 lbs) May be used as a family urn.

Raku Petite

Brass Urn with Raku Finish with Pawprints $70 (Up to 40 lbs) Available in other sizes. Engravable

The Burgh

Brass urn in Black and Gold with Golden Pawprints $70 (up to 25 lbs) May be ordered in larger size

The Raven 2

Brass urn with vibrant purple finish $65 (Up to 45 lbs) May be engraved for additional cost, other sizes available which can be ordered.

Rabbit Silhouette

A Brass urn with Slate finish and Brass Rabbit silhouettes decorated all around $85 (up to 30 lbs)

Memory Chest with Frame

5x7 Frame on the lid of the Memory Chest which is made from pine and finished with a walnut stain. The felted inside contains a shelf for memorabilia that can be removed if not in use. May be locked with provided key. May be used as a family urn $85 (up to 300 lbs)

Black Cherry Frame

MDF frame urn with a dark cherry stain. Able to hold one 2.75" x 4.5" photo. $50 (up to 50 lbs) is engravable at additional cost

Acacia Frame

4x6 Frame adorns the top of this beautiful acacia urn with a satin walnut finish. May be used horizontally or vertically. Hinged opening with a magnetic closure. May be engraved. $65 (up to 150 lbs)

Black Frame Cube

Petite Cube made of MDF with a black matte finish that holds four 2x2 inch photos (up to 20 lbs) $40

Rainbow Bridge Box--small

Small wooden box with goldtone latch with Rainbow Bridge image on the lid $35 (up to 15 lbs) Can be ordered in a larger sizes (medium--up to 40 lbs and large--up to 80 lbs)

Nittany Photo Cube

MDF Photo Cube that will hold three 4x4 photos $70- (Up to 65 lbs) May be engraved. Also available in silver and violet finishes.

Cedar Urns

Traditional Cedar Box Urn, made in the USA. Small $40 (Up to 12 lbs)  Large $60 (Up to 90 lbs)

River Rock

Natural River Rock engraved with your loyal companion's name. Medium (7"-10") $80 May add urn for an additional $25. Every stone is different in color and texture. Shipping is $20 and other sizes are available for order

Keepsake Hearts

Metal keepsake hearts that come in a variety of finishes (Holds up to 5#) Stand is additional $10.

Etched Paw Pendant

This disk shaped pendant is made of stainless steel and can be engraved with the pawprint of your loyal companion. It contains just a small portion of cremated remains as well. $65

Pink or Blue Swarovski Pendant

Polished Steel heart pendant with pink Swarovski crystal paw print. Also available with blue Swarovski crystal paw print. Can hold a portion of cremated remains $35

Stacked Paw Pendant

Stainless Steel Necklace with 4 adorable paws stacked to make a chamber to fill with your beloved pets cremated remains. Includes chain. $35

Single Paw Pendant

Polished stainless steel keepsake pendant with black pawprint embellishment. Keeps your fur baby with you always. Holds small portion of cremated remains. Comes with chain $35

Teardrop Hearts Pendant

Polished stainless steel in teardrop shape with two adorable white pawprints at the bottom. Keeps your fur baby with you always. Holds small portion of cremated remains. Comes with chain $35

Cylinder Pewter Necklace

Very sleek pewter colored necklace with chain, holds tiny portion of cremated remains $35


White Bronze Dogtag with noseprint or pawprint of pet. Must be ordered and engraving is included $110 plus shipping

Pandora Style Bead

Our line of Beads is a Pandora/Troll Style Cremation Bead. The bead is made using different colors of Pyrex glass layered with a small amount of cremains with an approximate size of 16mm. They are finished off with two .999 Sterling Silver domed bead caps that are crimped to a Sterling Silver tube insert. The hole size is 6mm so these beads can be worn on the very popular Pandora / Troll Bracelets, or can also be worn on a chain as a necklace. Personalizing comes with every bead by engraving the loved one’s name on one side of the Sterling Silver Bead Cap. – – – (Maximum amount of letters, numbers and spaces is 12) $150 Shipping is $20 Option: Engraving on other side of bead is an Additional $10.00

Remembrance Candle

Glass Candle with Photo and choice of name and dates. Variety of different styles $20


Variety of different styles of brass keepsake urns $35 each (Up to 3 lbs)

Glass Keepsake

Keepsake Urn made of glass in assorted colors. Made in the USA with rubber stopper top. No two are alike because they are each made by hand by a craftsman. Holds a portion of the cremated remains. $35

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