I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my Rocky! If it wasn’t for you, I’m not sure I would have made it through this horrible ordeal. I will never forget you and Loyal Companion, your sympathy and compassion was overwhelming and greatly appreciated. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for taking care of my Rocky!

Thank you both for helping us with Corky. Your services were outstanding!

I would highly recommend Loyal Companion's services for both traditional burial, or cremation of your departed best friends

Your "SPECIAL" care you showed us in February with our "Goobie" will never be forgotten. That was one of the hardest times in our lives and you showed us so much loving care, both to us and the treating of our baby, yes that is what she was to my husband and I. I tell everyone who has a pet about you and how caring you are. Thanks again for ALL your help at that hard time in our lives! We think of her EVERYDAY and MISS her too!!! Thanks again

I just wanted to express our sincere thanks for your compassion and gentleness in the loss of our beloved beagle Pebbles. Your kind words and the thoughtfulness are deeply appreciated in our time of sorrow.

Recently, the Evening Sun published an article about a new business in the Hanover area, Loyal Companion. I read the article with interest and filed it away in my memory bank. Little did I know that I would have need to go to the memory bank far sooner than I would want.
On March 5, 2012, our loyal and loving friend of eight years, Neo, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Neo was a Border Collie who exhibited most Border Collie traits, but in addition was a most loving companion. Many Clearview residents will recall seeing Neo on his daily walks, come rain or shine.
Once we collected ourselves at Neo’s sudden passing, we remembered the article about Loyal Companion. A call was answered in a very pleasant yet professional manner by the owner. She met us literally minutes later at the beautiful facility housing the service. Her caring and compassionate way of helping us deal with our loss cannot be overstated. We were assured we could take as much time as we needed in making plans for the cremation of our friend. The prompt, courteous and compassionate service will never be forgotten.
We brought our friend home with us the next day and while it is difficult dealing with our loss, Loyal Companion did much to help us

Words cannot express the true gratefulness my family and I have for Loyal Companion. From my initial email inquiring about your services, I knew your company was the one I wanted to take care of our four legged family members when the time came. Sadly for us, that time was Thursday, June 28, 2012, when we were faced with the hardest decision we ever had to make.
After our beloved Barnes lost his battle with kidney disease, we wanted to continue to give him the best treatment possible. He deserved to be treated with the love and respect that he unconditionally gave us his entire life and Loyal Companion made sure that happened.
That night, as I sat on my living room floor holding Barnes, Kristin came in and sat down next to us and took me in her arms, telling me how sorry she was. She was so kind and gentle and I could see she truly understood what I was feeling. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me during that difficult time.
When we came to say our final goodbyes the next morning, we were greeted yet again by another kind and caring person, Christy. You both took the time and listened to our stories and shared our pain, making this process easier for us, especially my 8 year old son.
We want to thank you again for everything you have done for us and for Barnes. Loyal Companion exceeded our expectations by far. You are all truly gifts
from God.

Kristin I want to express my sincere thanks for your compassion and gentleness when I made arrangements prior to Lady's passing
Christy your "SPECIAL" care you showed the day I brought Lady wrapped in her blanket will never be forgotten. Your gentleness and support was very comforting at a time of loss.

Submitted by: Vickie Becker

We cannot thank you enough for the compassion and respect showed to us in the passing of our beloved kitty, Trixie.  The kindness of your entire staff helped get us through this very difficult time.

Submitted by: Eileen & Steven Dimino

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to Loyal Companion.  When I had to make one of the hardest decisions to put my shih tzu Bum down I was met with nothing but compassion and kindness.  Since I have not been blessed with children my dogs have become my furry children.  Thank you Mike and Kristen for making the loss more bearable and Christy thank you so very much for treating my Bum like he so very much deserved, you are a very special and kind person.

Submitted by: Sherri Storm

Christy,  no words can explain how much your support and services have helped me in my loss of my best friend, loyal companion of 12 years. She was so much a part of my life. It has been only two wks but it seems like an eternity since she was here.  I miss her so much. Today I went to the mail box & received your beautiful card and a forever picture of my fur baby, Nina......THANK YOU SO MUCH.....I will be forever grateful to you and Loyal Companion......Sincerely, Vivien Hoffmaster........

Submitted by: Vivien Hoffmaster

Jake and I cannot thank you enough for your understanding, kindness, and compassion during one of the most difficult times we have ever faced. When we first met Kristen to discuss possible plans for our beloved Simon, I was prepared with tissues and to cry. Kristen was so kind and compassionate, all she wanted to do was talk about Simon. Instead of crying that day, we found ourselves smiling, sharing stories, pictures and videos. Kristen even welcomed Simon into their business stating.."we are pet friendly." This experience with Kristen made this decision a little easier knowing they "understood" what we were going through and they helped us with making the right decisions for us.

When the time came to need their serivces, Kristen and Michael were both professional and personable. They showed real compassion and dignity when the came for our Simon.  

Simon was a huge part of our fmaily and the staff at Loyal Companion understood. They gave us the time we needed with Simon before saying our last goodbye. Kristen even went out of her way to go to my husband to offer her sympathies knowing how hard this was on him as Simon was with him 24/7 each and every day.

We will definitely recommend Loyal Compansion to anyone looking for these services. Thank you all... we will never forget how you helped us through losing our Simon.

Submitted by: Chris and Jake Johnson

Your kindness and support in the loss of our cat Jinx was appreciated more than I can express.


Pat & Tom Bollander

Submitted by: Pat Bollander

We were still struggling with the loss of our 14 year old cat Jinx on May 1st when suddenly our 13 year old tabby Eddie keeled over.  It was about 8:00 p.m. on Friday, May 23 and we think he missed Jinx and died of a broken heart.  We once again called Loyal Companion and Christy was there for us an hour later.  Losing a pet is a terrible thing but at least we had the comfort of this wonderful angel on earth who with disregard to her personal life, was there for us once again.  We can't speak highly enough about Loyal Companion and the exceptional service they provide. God Bless all of you for your kindness and compassion

Submitted by: Pat & Tom Bollander

Thank you so very much for your compassion and kindness in taking care of our Schnauzer "Sarge" after making one of the most difficult decisions in our life. Kristin was great, going the extra mile, and it's obvious that she really does care. Loyal Companion's service is without a doubt second to none, and we will highly recommend their services to others.
Once again, thank you.

Submitted by: Cliff & Cindy Molloy

Thank you "Christy" for your sympathy and kindness concerning  the loss of Zoe our Siamese cat. With the sudden loss our pet, you were compassionate and sympathetic.

I can't express in words how grateful I am to you for your kindness and professional service.

Leon and Pam Pisano

Submitted by: Leon Pisano

The staff at this facility are so so kind! I just can't say enough nice things about how kind and compassionate they were through the entire process. Makes losing our beloved pets a little bit easier.
And for them to write such a beautiful tribute by remembering our stories that we told them about our life with Maxie is so touching. Christy, Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for listening to us and for being so compassionate! We were so blessed that our Maxie was in the care of such loving hands, God bless!

Submitted by: The Cromer family

we just wanted to thank Kristen for the care she gave us during piggys passing.  loyal pet companion is the place to go if you have a beloved pet you want to be taken care of in a very loving way. thanks so much. the pricing was great. yous guys are doing a great job

Submitted by: Tyson Family

Thank you Kristen for your kindness, compassion, and support during Maisey's untimely passing. Loyal Companion went above and beyond in helping us deal with our loss. It really meant so much to both of us during this very difficult time.

Submitted by: Sue and Max Beckner

The very kind folks at Loyal Companions truly understand that a pet is more than just a pet,but that they are a member of your family. Their beautiful facility is set-up to handle all of your needs. When it's time for your loyal companion to depart this world, do not hesitate to call these good people.
                                RIP Snowy

Submitted by: Alan Swartzbaugh

I want to thank everyone at Loyal Companions. Thank god there are people who care. I'm so glad I found this company. They truly understand that a pet is a family member. I know Ginger, Cody and Copper are in heaven and looking down and saying thank you to Loyal Companions for the way they handle everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  RIP Ginger, Cody and Copper. I will always miss you and love you.

Submitted by: Peggy Martin

I can't thank the wonderful people enough at Loyal Companions for the care and support they've shown me during the recent passing of my beloved companion, Nicky.  Losing a dear furry friend is so hard, and they made my loss more acceptable. Thank you all so much.

Submitted by: Brenda Sloman

I would like to say Thank You to all of you for kind thoughtfulness and support during our loss of Tonka. I would highly recommend the services you offer at Loyal Companion. Thank You All So Much.

Submitted by: Robin Stevens

Thank you so much for all that you have done. Losing our beautiful Siberian Husky Neeko after 14 wonderful years was so devastating. I called in the middle of the night and you met us at your pet funeral home. It was so wonderful on the respect that you gave our pet and the way that you sat and talked to us about Neeko. You made a very rough time a lot less stressful. After having 14 years with Neeko, it was so wonderful to have a place like yours to say goodbye to my pet. Love you Neeko and I will come get you one day at the rainbow bridge.

Submitted by: Rick and Steph Fissel

Thank you Kristin & Mike for having the vision to build such a fine facility for our pets when it is time to say goodbye.  Your crematory is so nice and this is the second time we have needed your services.  Thank you for taking good care of our Liz and our Keisha(3 yrs ago).  We are so fortunate you are in our community. I have recommended you to all our friends/family.  Thank you.

Submitted by: John & Lee Ann Study

Our Bobo passed one the 22nd of December 2014 after having him for 15yrs.  They were very kind and comforting and willing to help in any way. Were very helpful, supportive, and kind. Process was very smooth and reassuring the last moments of his life were taken care of. Thank you so much for everything.

Submitted by: Kasie Altland

Words could never express our sincere appreciation for your kindness & support given to our family when our beloved Dodger passed away.  Loyal Companions is an excellent facility that offers exceptional service.  Thank you Christy for your compassion during this difficult time.   We will surely recommend your amazing facility to others in need.

Submitted by: The Castelnuovo Family

On a Sunday evening, our beloved Opie passed away in the car while driving to the Emergency Clinic.  We could have kept going and let them handle his remains, but we did not want to leave him with unfamiliar medical personnel, so we brought him home.  (My friend had found Loyal Companion Pet Cremation in the paper a week or so earlier, and I wrote their site name down for future reference.)  When we got home, I called after 9 PM, thinking I would get a recorder but Kristen answered the phone.  (They really are available 24/7.) She was so nice and understanding.  It was a traumatic experience for us so we opted for Loyal Companion to pick up Opie instead of driving him there in the morning.  Kristen explained how to care for his body until she arrived.  Even with icy roads in the morning, she still called and came to our home to pick up Opie.  Kristen and Christy showed so much respect for our feelings and our pet's dignity.  We are overwhelmed by their supportive care.  In one day, we had Opie's remains with impressions of his nose and paw as memorial keepsakes that we will treasure for years to come.  The fact that they used human cremation standards for our pet was an additional comfort to us.  I cannot recommend any business more highly.  I hope any family going through the loss of a pet will not hesitate to call Loyal Companion.  Our sincerest thank you to Kristen, Christy and staff.

Submitted by: The Arter Family

So glad we were referred to you by another customer of yours.  Our Maggie was taken too soon and what a difficult time we were going thru.  Christy was so comforting and caring.  I knew Maggie would be treated with the care she so deserved.  I did not want her mishandled.  Christy has kept in touch with us throughout this journey.  We never had to wonder what was going to take place, she explained everything. questions, she was available 24/7.  Love the tribute page.  We were so pleased with Loyal Companion.  Many thanks for everything you did for us, The Stock Family

Submitted by: ALan and Elizabeth Stock

We appreciate so much your care and understanding with the loss of our loved Rum Tum Tugger. You handled everything wonderfully.

Submitted by: Lee and Dick Borst

I just wanted to say how much Loyal Companions helped with the pain and process of losing our beloved poodle Bo of 14 years. We were lost when he passed suddenly and unexpectedly late one night and I went online and found this place and called and Mike called me back and helped me sort out a plan for the next day. When we arrived Christy D. Yeiser met us at the door and was extremely helpful and nice and spent good quality time with us wanting to know about Bo and our family and even let us have one final viewing prior to leaving him for cremation. When I came the next day to pickup Bo''s remains again Christy was there and spent some time with me as I was upset and they did a wonderful job on everything. They helped so much and we are so grateful to them.               Thankyou so much  Christy D. Yeiser

Submitted by: Ray Emory & Denise Emory

It has taken me a while to do this because it was a very emotional time for us.  Our son was home from the Army for only a week when we lost our family dog of 13 years.  Loyal Companion is just that a Companion for a life time. They were so accommodating and even did duplicates of everything so my son would have his own paw print, stone, hair, etc. to carry with him throughout his Army life.  Thank you to Kristen, Christy and the entire staff for making us feel like family.  God Bless You all and God Bless America and our Soldiers!  Please!!!!

Submitted by: Sue Bauer

Thank You again for helping me deal with the recent loss of my beloved Trey.

Submitted by: Ken Zaveckas

I wasn't sure how things would go but it was great. The took such care of my baby and every day I hold her clay paw imprint. Thank You again!

Submitted by: Kari Herren

this week as been a traumatic week as we lost our 2 year old pongo! As we mourn and try to pick our life back up again! Pongo left behind a life companion missy,  he was her leader  her security, we now have to lead her ! I don't think our hearts have ached so much and we have never been thru the cremation process! He arrived home today and all I can say is thank you! I never expected to have his paw and even his nose print you have given us something to hold onto. Thank you for the care in handling our loved one. The day was a blur I couldn't even hold my own head up let alone think about picking out an urn, but the love and caring that came from you had helped us along the way!  We are forever grateful thank you!!

Submitted by: darvin and kathy Weigle

We appreciate the kind words of the staff and supporting us through the loss of our dog Pudge. It is a very emotional time for the whole family and friends of the family and the staff made us feel as they were also family. We can''t thank you enough.

Definitely a place we would recommend to anybody!

Thank you again

Submitted by: Shawn Winland & Leah Morris

I want to thank you so much for being so kind, compassionate, caring, and professional during a very difficult time for me and my family. You truly seemed to understand what we were feeling and never once made me feel silly for mourning my beloved dog Jade. You weren't pushy and seemed to know just what I needed. Your products are in good taste and are very touching tributes to those we mourn. I will most definitely recommend your company.  In the event we are in need of this service again Loyal Companion Pet Cremation will definitely be our choice. Your service makes saying goodbye to our beloved and faithful friends a little bit more bearable.

Submitted by: Tracy Orndorff

We just wanted to say thanks for the kind treatment we received at Loyal Companion on the day we said good-bye to our beloved cat Gypsy. Niki @ LC was great, handling the business aspects of the process in a very caring manner. Niki helped make the time feel more like a celebration of Gypsy's life with us and brought back special memories that we will always treasure. Gypsy was a part of our lives for nearly 18 years and her absence in our home will be keenly felt for some time. However, the compassionate manner in which Loyal Companion enabled us to say good-bye to Gypsy will stay in our hearts forever. We so highly recommend your services and again say thank you.

R.I.P. Gypsy, we shall miss you always.

Submitted by: Thomas & Anita Kish

On Thursday, February 25, 2016 we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Chelsea.
Loyal Companion is such a godsend to me.  I had no idea about pet cremation and what to expect.  My vet recommend them and from the time we sent Chelsea to the "rainbow bridge" Loyal Companion was right there, helping us with our grief, answering questions that might sound silly to some and letting us know that Chelsea is being handled with the upmost care and respect. Thank you for continuing to help us through this process.

Submitted by: Becky bankert

Thank you all so much for helping with the lose of our 1st baby/pet. It was such a devastating time for our family and we felt so relieved that he was in good hands. June 25th, 2016 will always be a terrible day for our family for we had to say good-bye to our beloved Boomer. Only 3 years old, he was so active and loved to run and play with HIS ball, but he had inside issues that were not 100% treatable. He left behind a companion lab Cooper and a human friend Caleb. He is truly missed everyday.
My mother had recommended LC and when we looked into them, it was best choice for what we wanted. Today is the day I took our Boomer to LC. The staff was so great letting me have my last moments with my boy. She had watched my little boy Caleb while I could have my personal time as long as I needed. She was super nice and explained everything which made me feel so comfortable that he would be in good hands. We pick him up tomorrow and even though the cost, it is so worth it. Thanks once again for the kind words and allowing us to grieve and understand the bond we have. Will definitely recommend LC to friends/family and go for future services.

RIP Boomer. You will forever be in our hearts.

Submitted by: Courtney Little

My dear friend, Colbie, passed at home on Sept. 8 due to lymphoma.  Loyal Companions came at the time arranged and couldn't have been kinder, more compassionate or caring in how they handled Colbie, referring to her by name and assuring us that she would be well cared for.  Thank you so much for providing this service and making a terrible situation a little more bearable.

Submitted by: Marta Coursey

We want to thank you for everything you have done for Whiskers. You did a great job. She is crossing the rainbow bridge. She is with Snickers who Christy did in August 2012.

Submitted by: Wertz Family

We just want to say Thank You for your services.

It made it a bit easier to know we could bring "Maggie" back home.

You have brought a wonderful business to this community. You have a very pleasant staff working for you. So kind and compassionate.

Submitted by: Larry & Bobbie Crook

The care and services given were spectacular. The hard times of losing our beloved dog was eased from the attention and love shown for her and the whole family by everyone at Loyal Companions. Thank you so very much for the special touches and keepsakes. Having you all help us through has allowed us to feel more closure and completeness. So glad we left our Izzy in your hands and care!!

Submitted by: Jen Hedrick

People, who do not share their daily lives with pets, may not realize how traumatic it is when that loyal and faithful companion is no longer there.  The loss and grief is real.  We saw a notice of services from Loyal Companion at the vet''s office.  Upon contacting them, it became obvious very quickly, they were the right choice to handle and care for our loyal companions - we had to say goodbye to our two Boston Terriers on the same day. Kristin's caring and compassion was greatly appreciated at this very difficult time.  Nancy and I could not have been more pleased with the courtesy and professionalism shown to us.  We thank you for your kindness and highly recommend your services.


Glenn and Nancy Phillips

Submitted by: Glenn and Nancy Phillips

I just wanted to thank everyone at Loyal Companion for the concern and care they showed for Rocco. We were so impressed with your services. Our pain from our loss was eased by the special care our faithful pet was given. God bless you all.

Submitted by: Rick Thomas

Losing our BoBo really hit us hard and was totally devastating. We called our Veterinarian after discovering he had passed and they recommended using your services. When we called you, you didn't miss a beat. I am very grateful for the great care you gave BoBo and us too !

Submitted by: Lisa & Bob Giddings

We want to express to you how extremely grateful we are for the care you provided to our sweet Daisy.  Her passing leaves a huge hole in our hearts and in our lives but the dignity with which she was cared for in the end has been such a blessing to us.  Thank you Kristin for the compassion you showed toward us and the respect you gave to our little sweetheart.  This is a wonderful service that you provide and we are so thankful we found you.  We have already shared our Loyal Companion experience with other pet owners and will continue to do so.  We can''t recommend you highly enough!  You enabled a terribly painful experience to have a bittersweet closure.  Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Submitted by: Darell & Sharon Eby

Your kind words and sympathy gave our Shelby the dignity she deserved.  We were so distraught and you helped.  Thank you for giving our puppy a special place.  My jewelry is my greatest treasure.

Submitted by: Steve and Wanda Brown

Thank you so much for your services. Our family has received your kindness too many time. So glad you are there for us & our friends. Roxie was a special companion for the last 10 years of her life & is missed so much already.

Submitted by: Pat Shaeffer

Thank you for your professionalism and compassion as we suffered through the death of Loki. You truly helped ease the pain.

Submitted by: James Cobb

Kristin, this is our 2nd time visiting your crematory. We appreciate your compassion and helping us through our difficult time. You are knowledgeable & sympathetic. You listened as we talked about Cinnamon & Oscar. I love the tribute page & you made us feel like we are family. I just wish we knew you when we had previous furry family members pass away. Thank you for all your help.


Debby & Richard

Submitted by: Debby

Loyal Companion was there at our worst time.  I called from the ER moments after we lost our precious Tottie and from the moment you answered the phone to the very next day when I brought his urn back home you were caring, understanding and comforting. Thank you for making one of our worst days manageable. The service you provide is outstanding and exceptional. Knowing who was taking care of our baby was extremely comforting.  Kristin and Sarah are the best. I will sing your praises to all my animal loving friends.  Again, thank you.

Submitted by: Debbie Carter

Thanks to Sara and everyone at Loyal Companion. Your help during this trying time was appreciated. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone who need this vital service you provide.  I am sure that our beloved Max is Resting In Peace.

Submitted by: Barry Ruhlman

We highly recommend Loyal Companion Pet Cremation, Inc. and Memorial Center.  The professionalism shown to us by Sara after the passing of Angel, from the cremation services to the memorial services help, was great!  Sara realized this was difficult for Sherri Krepps Warner, Teresa Warner and myself, Dean J. Warner, as she met us at the door of 43 Amy Way in Hanover with a solemn greeting and helped us with our memorial needs.  Thank you Sara!

Submitted by: Dean Warner

Words cannot express how highly we recommend Loyal Companion's services and how thankful that we are for the amazing kindness that we received during such a painful time. Our hearts were absolutely broken when we lost our sweet senior girl, Toonces, suddenly in January 2019 and we were left with several decisions that we had to make. Our options were explained to us clearly, but with such care and compassion that it made the process just a little bit easier. About a week after her passing, we received the kindest handwritten card filled with sincere condolences and reassuring words that encouraged us to remember all of the goods times; I’m so thankful that her aftercare is a moment that I can think on fondly, knowing that she was cared for even up to the end. I have recommended this company to anyone I know with pets, because that’s how thankful I am for what they do and how kind and compassionate they were. Sincere thanks for taking care of our best girl, from the bottom of our hearts.

Submitted by: Melody & Brandon Staub

Our neighbor had taken her cat to you a year ago and highly recommended your facility.  She spoke highly of the care and kindness she had experienced.
We had just come from the vet after putting our cat of 24 years Squeeky down. We were so sad, when we got to your facility, we were greeted with compassion and kindness.  We were so impressed by the care and detail when you laid our sweet pet out for us to say our goodbyes. You made our sad final journey with our pet Squeeky a
rewarding and wonderful way to say farewell.

Submitted by: Sarah and Bob Morris

I wanted to thank you so much for your caring and kindness in one of the worse days of my life. When we lost our little Jasmine you assured us we would be getting our own fur baby back. She was only 7 years old and we were and still are devastated, your caring helped us in our time of heartbreak and tears.

Submitted by: Sandy and Ray Cromer

Words cannot adequately describe the comfort, sympathy and compassion Kristin gave us yesterday afternoon. We lost our beloved Scooter after 12 wonderful healthy years,
quite quickly, and we were/are devastated. Not wanting to wait any length of time in order to “bring Scooter back home”, nor have the worry of not being able to have a private cremation, my husband searched online and found Loyal Companion. Kristin
was so comforting on the phone as she tried to accommodate our schedule, welcomed our entire family upon our arrival, and treated our Scooter with the utmost respect. Loyal
Companion gets our highest recommendation- we would have been lost without their tremendous service yesterday. A million thank you’s Kristin- we will be sure to recommend you to other dog owners in their time of need.

Submitted by: Wade and Barbara Bucher and family

Thank you for your professionalism and service.  When my husband and I left your facility Saturday evening, we felt like we had received grief counseling.  It was comforting to hear your personal stories along with others who have shared in our loss.  It has been a difficult few days for us and feels like an eternity adjusting to life without Sugar, but we are grateful for all of the personal mementos Loyal Companion has given us that we can treasure during out lifetime.  This is the second time we have had to use your services.  We are pleased to recommend you to others, knowing their pet and their feelings will be treated with dignity and respect as ours have been.  Thank you again.  The Arter Family"

Submitted by: The Arter Family

It has been 10 months since Loyal Companion took care of my Ginger, at the time the put her to rest I was so upset I was unable to tell them how much I appreciated how much it meant to me the way they took care of my Ginger. Since she has been gone there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. Her Companion Luke is not doing well and he will soon be joining Ginger soon. Loyal Companion was a great help and comfort to me the way they handled Ginger as if they were her owner. I just want to thank everyone there and sorry it took me so long to response with a thank you.

Submitted by: Cheryl Taylor

Dear Mrs. Hart and Cremation Center staff,

Your kind service took some of the sting out of losing our beloved pet, Nolan, and gave his life a dignified resolution.  My wife and I were delighted with the obit you wrote: you really listened when we told you about Nolan.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your sympathy and appreciation for our pet.  We recommend Loyal Companion to anyone who has lost a beloved family pet.

Submitted by: Tom and Lynda Gilboy

Would like to say : Thank You Loyal Companion for the services provided for Makita. Kristin,I appreciated all your help , losing her was very painful that day. Makita Marie Tailsworth as my daughter Courtney called her. Makita was a great companion, loyal, protective friend. She loved our Ice Cream break daily. I miss her , but know someday ...we will meet again...Thank You !

Submitted by: Rick Masemer

Many thanks to Kristin for her kindness. Kristin was the ''perfect person'' for this job. Dr. Carolyn Cline recommended Loyal Companion. I had a 14 year old cocker spaniel by the name of Liberty Charles. Liberty Charles was ''my service dog''. I live alone with both my legs amputated and Liberty also knew when I was in a low blood sugar and would stay by my side. I never knew their was a place like this and only Kristin could run and be manager. THANKS-Carolyn

Submitted by: Carolyn A. List

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